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Happy easter 2020!

Hey there, happy easter to you all. I hope you had a nice social dis-table-ing with your beloved ones and are now ready to read the real story about this years eater ... erm ... easter bunny.     And now, go and give a zoom-conference-hug to everyone around. <3  Sincerely,Stefan   Here you go, book-lover! :)

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I'm going monthly preorders. Woooooohooo!

Hey monsterfolks, i had a dream about drawing more monsters for you. And then i realized, i needed to eat. So i came up with a wonderful idea: i create one pop-culture and modern-history related coffeemonster every month or so and go for preorder financed prints that will only be available to preorder and then never be produced again. I started this idea in november, but now i'm in creator mode and have my second print online tomorrow. It will be STITcHoffee (see little detail above). A character you will probably have seen on my instagram recently. ;)  No? Then click here: instagraaaaaaaam Because it will be limited to all preorders you will be in a very exclusive club of...

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Me, the monsters and the Washington Post

Oh, hello and welcome, you coffeelicious people. Let's go to Washington Currently i'm sitting in my room and cannot believe, that my coffeemonsters went a little bit viral again and made it into the second largest newspaper of the USA, the Washington Post. Oh – my – god! Here is the link to the article. You may also just click this picture: New Monstaaaaz Oh, and i managed to create more monsters, as you may have seen on instagram. I will not let them be there only, but also put them up here, just for you to see. :D      Well. That's it. :) explosions and fat monstres that are not scary anymore. 🤷‍♂️ Hope you have a superb...

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the coffeemonsters 222 are online

#coffeemonster 222 is online. Hi there, I've recently uploaded monster 222 because we need more love in this world. Now give each other a kiss. And then eat some tasty humans. Get yours now as print/cup/whatever at your favorite merch and print store of all time, society6.  Here is the link for art-prints of monster 222:   Story of those two:  This is a true lovestory. They both know each other for a couple of days now and are so deeply in love, i don't know what to say. "Waspophant" and his girl "Flyheather" are really cool. Always playing tricks on each other. I catched them after she played a trick on him and poked his shoulder on the false side. She directly kissed him...

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coffeemonster 593 – print is online

#coffeemonster 593 is here. Hi there, the newest monster is here. As original or as print/cup/whatever at my favorite merch and print store of all time, society6. I really love how they print my artwork and like the Monsters to be there.  Here is the link for art-prints of monster 593: link That said, there will be NO limited prints for this one.   Special challenge: get 15% off BUT i have something even more special for you. This original monster, drawn on DIN A4 artist paper, will be for sale at a special price. And if you want to shop at the "OriginalShop" for 15% less, you need to post the picture above to your instagram and hashtag it with this text...

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