I'm going monthly preorders. Woooooohooo!

Hey monsterfolks,

i had a dream about drawing more monsters for you. And then i realized, i needed to eat. So i came up with a wonderful idea: i create one pop-culture and modern-history related coffeemonster every month or so and go for preorder financed prints that will only be available to preorder and then never be produced again.

I started this idea in november, but now i'm in creator mode and have my second print online tomorrow. It will be STITcHoffee (see little detail above). A character you will probably have seen on my instagram recently. ;) 

No? Then click here: instagraaaaaaaam

Because it will be limited to all preorders you will be in a very exclusive club of people owning this. I name you "the coffeemonsters club". Ta-daaaa. <3


See you tomorrow!