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Hello. I'm Stefan. And i love coffee.

I spilled some on a piece of paper the other day in cold winter 2011 and found something.

A coffeemonster and all its friends!

Since then i do it day by day, or at least i try. I create sweet, lovely and sometimes just evil coffeemonsters and have by now made more than 600 of them. I really enjoy every single one because i love creation and the determination or coincidence of the coffee hitting paper. After drying for about 4 to 6 hours i can draw directly onto the stain. I try to see a monster, character or figure in it and when i find something, i draw it. Tadaaa. Emerged the coffeemonster is! And that's coffeemonsterlicious.

If you'd like to support me and my coffee thingy, click here and get yourself a coffeemonster treat or contact me for projects and comissions.

Not sure? See the checklist below, if you need a coffeemonster or not. :D




Here is the perfect checklist, answering if you need to get a coffeemonster.

You really DO like to get one if ...

  • You want and love coffee.
  • There is times you think about coffeemonsters at night.
  • There is days when you awkwardly spill stuff and need to tell your friends, that you're not the only clumsy person on earth, pointing at one of my drawings.
  • Coffeemonsters are your thing..
  • A friend needs a happy thing to look at.
  • You need a happy thing to look at.
  • You really dig this one coffeemonster but cannot tell your darling that you neeeeeed this.
  • You need transcendental advice in form of a stain that became a monster.
  • Noone thought of your birthday and now you need to do it on your own. Again. Need to search for new friends. That love coffee. And monsters. Now. ;) 

You really no NOT like to get one if ...

  • Your household has no walls, coffee tables, shelves or kitchen cupboards.
  • Your other half is looking sceptical right now.
  • Your walls are already full to the fullest.
  • You hav so many coffee table books, your coffee table broke.
  • You do not, i repeat, you do not ... like coffee. That basically makes us enemies. ;) 

I hope this little list was enjoyable and helped a lot. If you have any questions, just ask. I'm here, waiting for your mails.

Again ... sincerely,


the coffeemonsters © 2016, Stefan Kuhnigk