Hello. I'm Stefan. And i love coffee.

I spilled some on a piece of paper the other day in cold winter 2011 and found something special. It was so special, i have to make an artificial pause to create some tension. The pause is this picture:

And what did i find? Well:

A coffeemonster and all its friends!

Since then i do it day by day, or at least i try. I create sweet, lovely and sometimes just evil coffeemonsters by dripping some coffee on paper, let it dry and try to see something in it. And by now i've made more than 600 of them. I really enjoy every single one because i love creation and the determination or coincidence of the coffee hitting paper. After drying for about 4 to 6 hours i can draw directly onto the stain. I try to see a monster, character or figure in it and when i find something, i draw it. Tadaaa. Emerged the coffeemonster is! And that's coffeemonsterlicious.

If you'd like to support me and my coffee thingy, click here and get yourself a coffeemonster treat or contact me for projects and comissions.

Not sure? See the checklist below, if you need a coffeemonster or not. :D





the coffeemonsters © 2011, Stefan Kuhnigk