Steady Ready go!


Since 2011 I show my coffeemonsters to the world and the world (that's you) shows me back some dopamine infused likes and lovely comments for my work that make the red bubble go wild. I really love how people connect with the monsters and have fun while looking at them or reading the captions I write about every single one. You’re simply the best, coffee addicted community around. <3

While you and the world has fun with the monsters, I generate almost no fun(ds), because as with people looking at my drawings and laugh about my captions, I simply earn nothing.

But we have the solution! Yay!
To make me go all in and create more monsters more frequently, you from now on have the opportunity to support me on Steady (basically the german patreon) with a monthly thingalidelidoo. That is awesome. And perhaps will lead to a lot more awesomeness and creative work.

Steady is a small Berlin firm, that helps artists like me to collect monthly subscriptions and books it as one back to me via invoice and makes it tax easy. Without them, this would not be possible by any means.

By creating my campaign over there, I can fund my work, put back the fun in social media and maybe, someday, more and more cool artsy improvisational projects and video productions. When you like what I do, subscribe to a coffee-plan you think is appropriate for your wallet, lean back and get some awesome new coffeemonsters, get to know my other projects and be a coffeelicious person who loves the small things in life and supports even smaller artists like me.

As supporter, you get exclusive bonus coffeemonsters every month (at least one, more likely two or more, when this thing here kicks off), the coffeemonsters book as digital access, subscribers-only specials (e.g. send in your stain and get a print file) and a really warm feeling in your belly (as you might drink even more coffee).

Bäng! You did it. Thank you so much for your time reading. I'm super psyched for everyone who will be supporting me on this journey!

Oh. And here is the link:

Come, join the monsters!

Thank you sincerely.