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Kickstarter for the coffeemonsters book kicked off really well!

the coffeemonsters book already at 60%. Wow! I could not ask for more when i say the kickstarter already is at 60% and rising in only 3.5 days. That, my monsterfolks, is such a great thing to witness. I'm stoked and blown away by the support you show the monsters. Love you all! support the book You even kept supporting after i somehow managed to put in the wrong shipping costs (too high) because of timing and could not edit them back to the correct costs (lower) because of kickstarter rules. Gnarly, but i love you for letting me know that it's still worth it, even if it's some more Euros for shipping. As i said i'll put something lovely in each...

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Hey people, here we go. I officially launched my first kickstarter Project. "THE COFFEEMONSTERS BOOK" will be a book with all the coffeemonsters you like the most and i hope you will support it. Please follow the link and have a look. <3 Thank you so so so so much for the support recently. It's just amazing! Shortlink: Kickstarter "The Coffeemonsters Book" much love, Stefan

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More monsters incoming – projects running

Hey monsterlovers, i'm currently working on something special, a big project, but wanted to let you know, that the monsters are just on hold for a few days, one or two weeks at max. And because it's christmas probably. ;) have a good time you all. See you soon. cheers,Stefan

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