the coffeemonsters 222 are online

#coffeemonster 222 is online.

Hi there,

I've recently uploaded monster 222 because we need more love in this world. Now give each other a kiss. And then eat some tasty humans. Get yours now as print/cup/whatever at your favorite merch and print store of all time, society6

Here is the link for art-prints of monster 222:


Story of those two: 

This is a true lovestory. They both know each other for a couple of days now and are so deeply in love, i don't know what to say. "Waspophant" and his girl "Flyheather" are really cool. Always playing tricks on each other. I catched them after she played a trick on him and poked his shoulder on the false side. She directly kissed him in surprise. Sweet. :)

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