the coffeemonsters go spiegelonline

The Coffeemonsters in SPIEGEL ONLINE

Today an article surfaced that includes some cool drawings i made for SPIEGELONLINE. They asked me to illustrate how people behave in a canteen. And this is what happened ...

The article: "Der tägliche Arbeitsmampf"

All illustrations: Kantinentypen: Schmackofatzer, Alleinesser und Mrs Extrawurst


How i created the canteen-monsters

As i was aked to illustrate the canteen-monsters for the article by SPIEGEL ONLINE i was a bit baffled because the characters had already been made up. I needed a procedure to come up with the right stains. The first thougth was "ok, i need to splat some food on paper". I did that, but it was messy and i didn't like the outcome. Some were great but most of those stains were just not good enough. After discarding the idea of food on paper i choose simple watercolour to make the stains and voila: Monsters appeared in all the right places and shapes.

Learning: Food is ok, watercolour is better. Cabbage makes a blue to violet stain, wine something like purple/blue. You'll get better effects from watercolour - and obviously coffee. ;)