bonus panel - the coffeemonsters 610-1

Hi there, since you support me on this is the fourth ever unreleased to the public BONUS monster drawn digitally on the exact same stain as in coffeemonster 610. Yeeeeh! Haha. Now, have a look and read the story. :D


#thecoffeemonsters #610-1

When Marco, the mohawk elephant seal duck, was punkrocking the **** out of the town of Coffopia, he never thought he would have in mind, what came to his mind, when he saw how mindful his peer coffeemonsters had been regarding his attitude. They even supported him with his punk mohawk and dyed it red. With tears in his eyes he spoke his thoughts: "Well, thanks, you bas*****." and left the scene. He knew they really hated his guts, but were happy he finally left. After some time their path crossed again. Marco found himself on the hunting list of all anti-punk people out there - and that was what they planned all along. Sinister monsters they were. What will happen to Marco? Who knows. 2020 is cruel. So are the comics. ;)

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