Let's face it: 2020 was okay ... ish.

Let's talk 2020

We all know, that we do not need 2020 anymore, so here we go, 2021. We need you and your positivity. Hopefully there will be a lot of good things happening, like live-drawings, like concerts, like this and that. I really HOPE that. :D

And now, because it's almost 2021 and I'm late with this: the calendar. Click it, if you love it. :D

But let us rewiiiiind some time and hit the "what has been ok-ish"-button on 2020.

I think 2020 was, well, ok ... ish. I know. Covid. People dying in war or under a cops leg. James Bond died. Things happend that have not been too good and seemingly the american president has some plans to add something to this year on his hand. Well then. Enough with all the negativity. We have no solution to this and we cannot change everything with one swipe, many actions need to be taken and we're aware - and maybe that alone is a good thing. We cannot let it all pull us under. Stay strong and focus:

There is a lot of bright stuff going on all the time.

For example when in April or May a little boy from England asked via instagram if some creatives could add some art to his spladderings on cardboard. I joined, not knowing it would grow into a phenomenon. BACKGROUND BOB is his name and he and his father made a book from the art project and even an exhibition in the Firstsite Gallery in Colchester. Wow. But see for yourself:

Oh, and if you never saw this: I made a LOT of videos in October during the #inktober sessions. I drew 31 monsters from just one stain. :) Hope you enjoy that here (click pic) ...

And then I made the decision to go full time freelance, writing copy and making art. That has been good too. Even though not financially. xD But it made me feel better.

And then there has been so much niceness in the comment secion of my instagram page, I could straight up cry right now, because it means a lot. I'm really really so happy about every little comment or heart you all posted under my drawings. They keep me doing it and they keep my head up high in shitty situations leading me to a superb ending of 2020, talking art.

This here will be my last project this year until I start a new one in January:

It will be in the shop in January and you can join me while i create it via Twitch or on youtube live. I'll let you know, when I'm at it.


Until then: