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Hi there, since you support me on this is the first ever unreleased to the public BONUS monster. :D You're now entering a never before seen universe of coffeelition! Haha. :D 



#thecoffeemonsters #606

the coffeemonsters 606 - Bensi the walrus

This is Bensi, the walrus. She was a bit in discomfort, when she looked at the ocean after she gave birth to her firstborn. In pure awe she was not, more in an anxious state of mind while looking at all the plastic. But then she felt relief, as she thought about the possibilities of potential survival, because she was only made from coffee dripped on paper and not a real walrus. And because she was not alive at first, so wasn't her firstborn and so wasn't her environment. That made her feel great – and a bit sad for those who really lived in a real environment. She shrugged her shoulders and took a deep breath to plunge into the coffeelicious ocean ...

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