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More monsters incoming – projects running

Hey monsterlovers, i'm currently working on something special, a big project, but wanted to let you know, that the monsters are just on hold for a few days, one or two weeks at max. And because it's christmas probably. ;) have a good time you all. See you soon. cheers,Stefan

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The originals-shop went online.

Hello monsterlovers,Finally I really managed to get a shop up and running. I'm a little proud and have to thank Harold and Jolien from Joli Originals for contacting me and helping me out with this. Much love, you guys! So, what we're up to right here is to create a very own art-gallery. If you love art, and want to support the coffeemonsters, i am very, very happy to give away my original drawings for people who really embrace the thought and idea behind it. I will not put up them all for sale, because i want to do exhibitions again. Get in contact if you've any ideas. And for all of you who are more likely to purchase a print,...

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