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"the coffeemonsters book"
"the coffeemonsters book"
"the coffeemonsters book"
"the coffeemonsters book"
"the coffeemonsters book"

"the coffeemonsters book"


"The Coffeemonsters Book" – illustrations made from coffee

Coffee spills occur every day. One day while at the office Stefan Kuhnigk, a designer and copywriter from Germany, felt creatively inspired when he spilled some coffee on a piece of paper. He turned it into a monster and the Coffemonsters were born. He has done it ever since.

Today he uses the best coffee for the spills and lets the paper dry for four to six hours until it is safe to draw on the stain. Thus it becomes a tiny happy monster embedded in a short and happy little story. Like Jim or Bobby, two of over 550 monsters people all over the world know, love and like every day on Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat.

The coffeemonsters book features fineart quality printing and sweet distinctive layout featuring 100 of the alltime-favorite coffeemonsters and their stories.


• 208 pages
• 100 coffeemonsters
• 100 coffeemonster-stories (the ones i wrote for every monster - sometimes with newer versions)
• 20 never seen before coffeemonsters (not on IG, not on FB, not on SC, not for sale)
• 8 detachable coffeemonsters to share with your friends
• fineart printing
• thick, open artist paper

Books like this one are plain awesome. You can smell it, feel it, see it and hear it when your mum reads the good night story to you. You may even taste it if you love to eat paper. ;)


Please note that the book will be send in weekly shipments, since it makes sense for me to collect orders and then bring them to the post office. Yet the payment needs to be captured because paypal authorizations expire. Thank you for your patience.

If that is not fast enough, please use this link to
The Coffeemonsters Book: Aus Kaffeeflecken werden Monster

And if you do not like amazon (i know, i know) then you can buy it online at my publishers shop:
Gudberg-Nerger Publishing Shop