Steady Supporters

Here you'll find everything related to Steady. If you're not already logged in and steady to go, I highly recommend checking out my Steady page and maybe support me and the monsters. There is bonus monsters, supporters-only-monsters and other specials coming. :D 

If you are here because you already are a supporter, read on!

Thank you so much for supporting me on Steady

As you are one of the few most glorious and most coffelicious people on the planet, here come your steady specials and links to the specials. Also here is the online version of the coffeemonsters book, my kickstarter funded book about and with 100 coffeemonsters. View it right here.




What is next?

The next steps i'm planning with you. There will be some Steady only content and a lot more content for everyone. So joining the monsters on steady is like wearing a mask in public transportation: making it better for everyone even if the risk is low.

1. We're at least 10 subscribers. Those first 10 will get a download for a limited edition monster noone else will ever see. Also when we're at least 10 people in the coffeeclub, we can start doing supporter-votings.
2. When we're at least 25 people, we will start "send in a stain" and i'll create the community-bonus-monsters from your very own stains!
3 4 5 6 7 ... will be seen on steady, as we unlock some stages over there, hopefully. :D

I'll keep you posted here, on Steady and in my Newsletter. :D 


Steady-only Monsters




Thanks for supporting and looking and all! <3